WODing Around the World: A guide for maintaining fitness while traveling

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I love California. I love it so much that I will go so far as to say that I think that there is no better place in the world to live. Where else is it 80 degrees on a Sunday in March? As the rest of the world is just starting to melt away the remnants of what was an overwhelmingly cruel winter and head into Spring, I can only think, “Winter? Did we have one of those?” However, sometimes there are times when we have to leave this sunshine paradise and travel to places far and beyond because life happens and traveling is good for the soul. It is my personal belief that besides the holiday season, traveling can be the second worst way to ruin an athlete; this is because when we travel we tend to put our training on hold and pick up eating habits we may not otherwise approve of because “we’re on vacation” or work just simply won’t allow us to get in a WOD or eat a good meal. With Spring upon us, and Summer just around the corner, I figured it’d be good to go over ways to help you stay on track when traveling.

So, how exactly can you stay on track when traveling? First, you have to know that you DO have options. So here are just a few that I have found to be really helpful when I’m away from home:

Option A: Find a Box. Finding a CrossFit box is about as easy as going through that McDonald’s drive-thru that you justify because you’re “on vacation.” CrossFit exists even in the most remote locations of the world, so you really have no choice. Need help finding a box? No problem. Download the app Box Finder on iTunes and it will, based on your location, find all of the boxes near you. The best part? It not only gives you the location based on distance from where you are, but it also gives you the box phone number and address along with website info. Most boxes charge a minimal drop in fee or will drop the fee if you purchase a shirt. I vote for the shirt, this way you can not only increase your CrossFit shirt selection, but you instantly gain CrossFit “street cred” after you come back home and wear your new t-shirt. It’s the equivalent of wearing an obscure Italian designer out on a Friday night. Eat your heart out, Zoolander.

Option B: Use the Hotel Gym. So maybe you can’t make it to a box because your list of touristy to-do’s or work schedule has you jam packed. Don’t fret. My husband and I do this all the time when we travel. I think it makes us feel less guilty to workout in the hotel gym before we go eat our fair share of cheat meals (oops, did I just say that?). Either way, I know that most of you think that the hotel gyms can’t provide the kind of intensity that a CFHB WOD can, but that just isn’t the truth. You can do a totally crazy intense WOD with some dumb bells and a treadmill, which every hotel gym has. If you need some “WODspiration,” and don’t know where to start when it comes to building a traveling WOD, just Google “CrossFit Travel WODs” and you’ll get an entire list of hotel-gym-friendly WODs.

Option C: Don’t Neglect what YOU Can Bring. So maybe you won’t be in a hotel with a gym, or you know you’re miles from a box and you’re stuck at a family member or friends house, who, doesn’t CrossFit, or even work out for that matter. Fair—this does happen, so here’s my suggestion. A couple years ago, I was traveling and staying at a bed and breakfast; knowing I wouldn’t have access to a hotel gym or a box, I packed my running shoes and my jump rope (which took up little to no space in my suitcase). With those two things, I was able to come up with some awesome WODs involving running, jump ropes, sit ups, squats, pushups; the possibilities were endless. Plus, I got to explore the city a little more than I would have had I not been running through it (and I felt slightly cooler to look like a local). My point is simple, don’t neglect items that you can bring with you that don’t take too much space. Lastly. remember the WOD Genius app I told you about a few posts back? That app actually creates WOD’s based on the equipment you DO have. 

All this being said, you now have NO excuse to put your training aside. Train HARD, all the time, even “on vacation.” Have your own suggestions? Comment below and share with our fellow members!

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