Thinking Outside the Box: Using technology to improve your performance

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It’s not every day that I wake up and feel old, this is mostly due in part to the fact that I’ve convinced myself that I haven’t aged since I turned 21. Ah, if only. Unfortunately, since I teach high-schoolers I’m reminded of my age almost daily. In fact, last week I was at work about to make copies for my students when I realized that our new copy machine lets you, the user, plug in your flash drive directly into the machine and pull up any files you need to copy. This was mind blowing. Advances in technology, in general, make me feel old, especially these days when my students can do a million cool things with the touch of a button. So what does this have to do with CrossFit?

Simple. Technology, whether we like it or not, has the capacity to greatly increase our productivity, even when it comes to CrossFit. Since you’re all bringing your phones into the box with you every day, (because lets face it, who can leave it in the car these days) I thought that it might be cool to make a list of some super awesome CrossFit Apps that you, the CrossFit enthusiast, should download because you will find them surprisingly useful. This way you actually have an excuse to bring your phone in to the box on a daily basis.

  1. GWOD Spot ($4.99)– This app is powered by and the infamous CrossFit gymnastics god Carl Paoli. According to it’s description, this app is for anyone who wants to “learn, train, and practice body-weight movements.” It features tons of body-weight workouts aimed to improve your fitness. You can search through hundreds of workouts, progressions, and videos that demonstrate movements. This is an amazing app if you’re looking to improve your gymnastic skills in the box.

  2. Beyond The Whiteboard (Free)– This app is amazing and free. You post your results for every CrossFit workout you complete. You can also track your body fat, benchmarks, etc. One of my favorite parts about this app is that you can see where you rank with other CrossFitter’s that have also logged their WODs on the app. How rad is that?!
  3. iWOD ($0.99)– This app has tons of built in workouts including all of the Hero WODs. This can come in really handy when you’re traveling and want to get a WOD in. It also has easy access to tons of fitness and Paleo websites. So you can look up some of your favorite Paleo recipes right from your phone. I also like how you can save the recipes you like into the app. Talk about productivity!
  4. WOD Genius ($1.99)– Speaking of traveling, this app is a lifesaver if you don’t have much equipment around. WOD Genius lets you generate random WODs or pull up different Hero/Girl WODs based on whatever equipment you have available to you. This can be especially helpful if you just can’t make it to the box on a Saturday or Sunday and want to get a WOD in at home.
  5. WOD ($2.99)– This workout logger allows you to easily keep track of your WODs on a simple and easy to read interface. You can literally see all of the WODs you’ve tracked on an iphone- like calendar. Since this app is so easy to use and read, I also recommend using it for keeping track of PR’s too. Logging your WODs is SO important to seeing progress at the box and this is absolutely the app to do it with.

Hopefully this list will give you a variety of apps for you to choose from that can help you improve your overall CrossFit experience, productivity and challenge your level of fitness. 

P.S. Speaking of technology, don’t forget to hop onto the computer and sign up for the CrossFit Open Competion—it starts next week! It looks like we will be WODing together on Friday nights, but there will be more to come on this from the coaches this week. 

P.P.S. Our coaches are competing this weekend! Go support!!!

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