Reflection and Projection

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Living in the moment is hailed as the key to peace and happiness, but I think we have to look forward—and backward—if we want to become our very best.
New Year’s is a natural time to reflect on the past year and look ahead and plan for the next. Still, with all the talk of resolutions and fresh starts, it can sometimes feel forced. But instead of rejecting the idea entirely, we can rethink how we approach this opportunity to take stock and turn inward.


While many people rush to set goals or make resolutions at New Year’s, they often forget to take note of what they already have. In what ways did you succeed this year? Maybe, like me, this is the year you started CrossFit and changed the way you look at fitness forever. Maybe this year you did your first double under, did Fran Rx for the first time, or finally healed an old injury. Whatever it is, focusing on the good creates a mindset of positive expectation and abundance, rather than one of failure and lack. I know that I am much more productive and powerful when I am in a positive mindset, so it’s very important that I consciously and continuously focus on what is working in my life. And while a grateful mindset does improve my behavior and make me more successful, the most important reason I cultivate it has nothing to do with goals or accomplishments—I do it because it makes me a much happier and better person. And what’s more important than that?


Of course, part of growing is also improving. No matter how great things are in my life, if I stay stagnant for too long I don’t feel great. I am most happy when I am actively working toward something. The last three months of college were some of the hardest of my life, but the day after I graduated I felt strangely sad instead of relieved. Suddenly, the work was over. I thought the joy was going to be in the accomplishment, but I learned that for me, the joy truly is in the process—it’s in the work! So for me, continuously asking myself what and how I can improve is the key to fulfillment. Learning, growing, and evolving are what keep us vital and give our life purpose. What do you want to learn this year? What do you want to improve? The great thing about CrossFit is there is always room for improvement! Whether it’s increasing weight, improving time, or perfecting your form, pick one concrete thing you want to improve this year. Me, I’ve decided that this is the year I will do a full pull-up without a band.


In order to keep moving forward, we have to recognize both our strengths and our weaknesses.  Without self-awareness, it will be much harder to create a successful strategy for accomplishing our goals. We need to be honest with ourselves about our natural tendencies and preferences if we want to make our lives easier and more enjoyable. We want to work with ourselves, not against ourselves. Maybe it’s time to switch up the time you go to CrossFit to work better with your schedule or your body clock. We also need to be aware of how our choices affect us. What behaviors do we want to continue, and which are no longer bringing us closer to what we want most? What worked for us at one time may no longer be serving us, but often we continue things out of habit. Sometimes we just need to take a good look at how we are spending our time and see if we need to make adjustments. Are you doing things that truly bring you joy every day? Are there things you spend time on that aren’t really important to you or fulfilling in the long run? This year I really rethought my cardio habits and discovered how much I love walking outside. Is there anything new you could try in your own daily fitness routine? As we change, we also need to find ways to track and measure our results. How do you plan to monitor your progress? I’m going to start using an app on my phone to record all my WODs and lifts.

Tonight I plan to look back at this past year and celebrate all its joys and successes. One of my greatest joys this year has been writing this blog, and all the wonderful people I’ve met at CrossFit Huntington Beach! So thank you all for reading and reaching out to me—it’s truly an honor to be a part of this community. Tomorrow, I’m taking the day to think about how I plan to improve. What do I want most for the year ahead? How do I plan to make it happen? I wish you all a wonderful New Year filled with health, fitness, and new adventures…

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