ConjugateFitness 13 Best Strength Training Articles of 2015

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Another year has come and gone at ConjugateFitness, and the people have spoken…

In this post, we’ve pulled together the 13 most popular articles on the ConjugateFitness blog in 2015.

Yep… this is the stuff you can’t miss out on.

Coming in #1 (by far) is…

#1 – [Swipe] ConjugateFitness Best Special Exercises

ConjugateFitness Swipe File - Best Special Exercises

So… how do we at ConjugateFitness see CONTINUAL Results with all of our training programs?

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again…

Besides having a solid strength training plan, it all starts with Special Exercises.

Today we’re taking a deep dive into Accessory Exercises (also called Special Exercises) to make sure that you’re getting maximum gains from your workouts.

Grab our top 175 Special Exercises here

Why 175? Why not? 🙂

You’ll get…

  • 175 Tested Special Exercise & Video Demos
  • 6 Effective Accessory Training Guides
  • and, much, much, more…

… and a breakdown on how to approach your ConjugateFitness accessory program that will eliminate any glaring weakness from your workouts and allow you to become the best and Strongest Version of Yourself.

We learned a ton from training & analyzing these special exercises — and you will too. I want you to put these ConjugateFitness resources to work in your workouts.

#2 – Steal one of the Key Strength Training Essentials: Gym Equipment Arsenal… [Free Download]

ConjugateFitness Gym Equipment Arsenal… [Free Download]

I have written a brand spanking new article explaining the exact list of training tools every Successful training program should Acquire.

I’ve never shared this information here outside of our highest level mastermind group.

This training resource (I call it the ConjugateFitness Gym Equipment Arsenal) has changed my training results, health, and longevity and it can change Yours.

If your goal is to find a strength training program that eliminates YOUR Weaknesses and that promotes the best Longevity you will need to know what training tools are right for your needs and how to use them.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  1. Proven strength & conditioning training equipment and knowledge from one of the most respected minds in the industry.
  2. If your equipment was just created as a gimmick and has not been proven to enhance training results and longevity, then why use it?
  3. All of the equipment and recommendations from Westside Barbell are Tested and Proven to Elicit the best training outcomes.
  4. Acquiring just the essential pieces of equipment when starting out will develop you into a better coach…

“It’s not always the bow & arrow (equipment), but the Indian (coaching knowledge).”

I’ll tell you why having the ConjugateFitness Essential Gym Equipment Arsenal is important in any successful program and give you examples where in your training. 

Learn what to Acquire for your own ‘Gym Equipment Arsenal‘ by clicking HERE.

#3 – 90-Day Main Lift Workout Template [2nd Edition]


In May of 2014, we released our list of the ConjugateFitness 90-Day Main Lift Workout Template.

Since that date, this resource has helped 7,365 coaches and athletes defeat the dreaded “Training Plateau”.

In this article, we were proud to release Volume 2 of the 90-Day Main LiftWorkout Template.

The updated report contains…

  • 60 ‘Main Lift Variations’ that will catapult you to the top of all other coaches & training programs in your niche… (You’ll like the new additions)
  • 2 Proven Strength Phases that will optimize any coach or athlete… (showing you how to create success from the BEST strength program in the world)

Plus much, much, more….

ConjugateFitness - 90-Day Main Lift Workout Template Week 1

#4 – Top 100+ Main Lift Exercise Variations

ConjugateFitness 100 Main Lifts

Great things are happening EVERY DAY in the ConjugateFitness community—especially when fitness experts understand the “In’s” and “Out’s” of the main lift variations.

Learn the fundamental ways to vary main lifts and prevent your athletes from getting “bored” with their workout while at the same time giving them significant RESULTS.

These tips are essential. Check them out here:

It’s amazing to see the ConjugateFitness community grow and learn and even better when the learning gives you tangible results. I hope to see YOUR success story very soon!

#5 – [Download] The 5-Phase Optimal Strength Training Plan

ConjugateFitness The Conjugate Method Defined

All too often, we see fitness trainers coaching their clients in exactly the same way, yet…

…only a small portion of these well-meaning clients seems ever to achieve any substantial results. Click HERE learn more…

They like to chalk it up to “genetics”…

…explaining that some people are just more naturally inclined to attain muscle mass and muscle tone than others.

On the Conjugate Fitness blog, we disprove this theory and blow it out of the water. You’ll learn about the athletics qualities and goals that apply to all fitness enthusiasts:

  • Physical Strength
  • Explosiveness
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Longevity

Remember, if you train the same way that everyone else does in the gym, the only way that you will see improved results is if you were blessed with great genetics, but we don’t rely on this and neither should YOU!

That’s just one of the things you’ll learn in this article

#6 – [SWIPE] Need Exercise Variation Ideas? 

ConjugateFitness [SWIPE] Need Exercise Variation Ideas?

Have you hit a plateau in your training?

If you try and use the same method of training each and every day to raise your strength level…

…you will eventually reach a point where you are unable to make any further strength gains.

On the ConjugateFitness blog, we show you a simple fix to revitalize your training numbers.
You must incorporate new exercises that challenge you in different ways to raise your standards.You cannot simply bench, squat, and deadlift. You have to do more than this.

That’s just one of the things you’ll learn in this article on the ConjugateFitness blog:

#7 – 10 Laws of Strength

ConjugateFitness 10 Laws of Strength

If you’re looking for a Simple and PROVEN way to get Guaranteed training results (without having to re-invent the training method wheel), then these 10 laws of strength are ultimate training shortcut.

This short infographic is LOADED with tons of great info, but I want to make sure you don’t miss these proven ideas that will get you guaranteed training results.

Have you ever wanted to know the 10 laws behind a proven strength training method?

In this article, you will learn the 10 Laws behind strength training, and I want you to have it.

You can access it right HERE on the ConjugateFitness blog.

But do it now while it’s fresh on your mind…

#8 – 6 Tools that Will Enhance Your Workouts

ConjugateFitness 6 Tools that Will Enhance Your Workouts

ConjugateFitness coaches and athletes’ success come from their exercise variations through the use of Specialty Bars.

Each time you incorporate a different tool such as a specialty bar into your program, you are establishing a new variation, which leads to more training progressions.

But that’s not all specialty bars can do.

On the ConjugateFitness blog, you’ll learn EXACTLY, which bars to acquire for your program and in which order to optimize your workout program.

Trust me… you need to understand how these specialty bars work — it’s an absolute game changer.

Read this article here:

#9 – Are you using the conjugate method?

ConjugateFitness - Are you using the conjugate method

Need a fresh training perspective?

In this article, ConjugateFitness Coach Christos Liagridonis teaches us how we get a better understanding of our main lift variations and the difference between Maximal Effort and Dynamic Effort days…

Our 90-Day Main Lift Weight Lifting Program below can help you greatly improve your strength and performance.

The two strength methods create balance in your workouts and allow you to improve upon multiple fitness training goals simultaneously, including…

  • Absolute Strength
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Explosiveness
  • Longevity

Honestly… you’ll never look at your Main Lifts the same way again.

#10 – Getting Tough on Hamstrings
ConjugateFitness - Getting Tough on the Hamstrings

Have you neglected your hamstrings this month?

If you aren’t training a glute ham raise at the gym, you are selling yourself short. The glute ham raise is a highly dreaded, but extremely effective accessory exercise that is all too often done very wrong.

Coach Carlos Montoya breaks down the exercise in today’s post on the ConjugateFitness blog.

Glute Ham Raises are one of the best ways to target your hamstrings. If you haven’t been doing them because it’s tough, it’s time to break that pattern of thinking. Just remember to do them correctly for optimal results.

Click here to read this post…

#11 – 4 Key Ingredients to Fuel Your Workouts

ConjugateFitness Fuel Your Workouts

There are a lot of gimmicks out there, but the most important thing to remember is to fuel your body for what your training demands

In this article, Coach Christos teaches us how to get a better understanding of what fuel you need to get the most out of your training.

The body does not perceive a difference between mental and physical stress; therefore, training and eating optimally is imperative. In the article you will learn about:

  • Adequate Fat Intake
  • Proper Protein Consumption
  • The Key to Hydration
  • Eating the Right Carbs

The bottom line if you’re looking to get the most out of your workouts fuel your body properly!

Access this article Here:

Let us know how the article works for you!

#12 – 10 Strong Points for Self Improvement

ConjugateFitness 10 Strong Points Self Improvement

Yep… it’s possible to take away life lessons from a former Commander of the United States Special Forces and apply it to strength training.

That’s just one of the things you’ll learn in this article on the ConjugateFitness blog:

Here are a few of the life lessons from his speech…

1) “If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.”

2) “If you want to change the world, find someone to help you paddle.”

3)“If you want to change the world, measure a person by the size of their heart, not the size of their flippers.”

To put a finer point on it, each of Admiral McRaven’s Life Lessons are, in fact, universal truths that we all should strive to apply to our lives.

Click here to read the blog post.

#13 – [FAQ] Is 5-3-1 Method Easier to Implement then Conjugate?

ConjugateFitness - [FAQ] Is 5-3-1 Method Easier to Implement then ConjugateFitness?…

Are you getting everything from your training?

In this article, Coach Carlos teaches us how to get a better understanding of what we need to look at when Committing to a training system.

The thing we need to consider when Evolving as a coach, we want to commit to a training method that makes you want to become a student of your sport

….in anything you do.

  • It Helps in Many Areas of Coaching
  • Shows the Training System’s Evolution
  • Corrects Weaknesses
  • Promotes Longevity

Honestly… you’ll never look at your training system the same way again.

Access the article Here

Let us know how the article works for you!

That’s a wrap for our best content on the blog for 2015… here’s to an even better content-filled 2016!

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