The 6 Week Challenge Program


Our mission is to forge a community built around the CrossFit methodology of fitness and nutrition, in order to bring the reality of elite levels of fitness to our members!


A Guided, No-Fail Path To REAL Weight Loss

This Program Will Help:

Burn Stubborn fat and get lean and toned

Have More energy for you and your family

Regain Lost confidence and dominate the room

Sleep Better. be healthier

Increase Your energy levels

Create Results that finally sticks

Our Success Stories




What’s Included:

Semi-Private training sessions

Weight and body fat % assessment

Nutrition assessment

Personalized nutrition plan

Learn how to safely,effectively and efficiently excercise to Get The Best Results


What People Are Saying:

  • Crossfit Huntington Beach is the best training I have ever experienced. CFHB has changed my life from burning fat to gaining muscle and improving everyday in all criterias. Working out here is more than a basic routine gym workout, you incorporate different movements every day so you will improve in all areas and will never get bored of a same old routine. From friendly staff to a clean environment, Crossfit Huntington Beach has changed my life and I would recommend it to anyone!

    Josh P
  • Joining Crossfit Huntington Beach was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I joined a little over a year ago and have not only noticed a change in my appearance (15 lbs of fat lost, while building muscle), but I have also gained strength, confidence, and am now able to do things I could have never imagined I would ever be able to do. I owe all of this to the amazing coaching and technique work that Crossfit HB focuses on. The coaches really care about the athletes doing the movements properly and if they can't be done correctly, the coaches are awesome at showing modifications to build strength to eventually get there. Not only do the coaches at Crossfit Huntington Beach focus on proper form and technique, they are also always willing to help, talk about ways to improve, and are just great people that I feel lucky to know. This box also has a wonderful community of athletes that make each class fun and challenging. I'm very grateful to Crossfit Huntington Beach for helping me to become the best athlete I can be.

    Beth D.
  • GREAT PEOPLE MAKE THIS A GREAT PLACE. The Coaches are experienced, helpful and encouraging regardless of your level of fitness and the members are friendly and welcoming. If you are considering CrossFit, this is the right place. If you are visiting from out of town, drop in and have some fun.

    Fred L.

Huntington Beach’s best RESULTS DRIVEN fitness facility! 

We are here to help you RAPIDLY lose fat, tone up your whole
body and get fitter than you’ve ever been.
Our trainers have over 10 years of experience which will help
you to achieve amazing results during the 21 Days. Our formula
for fat loss has been proven on hundreds of clients JUST LIKE YOU.
By combining fun, intense training sessions along with a
comprehensive nutrition program and lifestyle support, we will get
you fitter, leaner, happier and healthier than you’ve ever been.

Ready to get started?

HPS! Shaping up those “problem” areas… gaining that lost sense of worthiness in your own body… and absolutely loving the person who looks back at you in the mirror… is only a click away. You know you’re going to make weight loss a priority sometime soon… why wait another day? It will just be that much harder then. This is the perfect chance to affirm that 2016 is going to be your year.

Where is the gym?

19400 Beach Blvd. Suite #2-5, 
Huntington Beach, CA, 92648

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